Netflix of Games for Emerging Markets

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Premium Android-based games, if paid for separately, would cost players over $1,000. And in emerging markets, game discovery is largely fragmented, contains aggressive and interruptive advertising, and social sharing campaigns.

GOAMA allows users to access frictionless, casual gaming without the hassle of advertising, in-app purchases, or download fees — all for a simple subscription fee. After a one-time download, users are free to play with minimal internet consumption.

  • Demo Day Pitch
  • Product Pitch
  • Football Promo
  • Short Pitch
  • GOAMA at SEADRAGON Kuala Lumpur 2018
  • SEADRAGON Kuala Lumpur 2018 Goama
  • GOAMA Winning Cambodia E27 2018
  • GOAMA at E27 Cambodia - winning
  • CAMBODIA Qualifiers 2018
  • RISE 2018 & William Bao Bean
  • ECHELON 2018
  • TECHSAUCE 2018
  • MOX Demo Day Singapore 2018
  • MOX Demo Day Singapore 2018 and the COO
  • What a Week in Taipei 2018
  • MOX Demo Day Taipei 2018
  • MOX Demo Day Taipei 2018 Some More
  • Where MOX graduated 2018
  • GOAMA Bootstrapped 2018
  • Our Competitor to be GOOGLE - Taipei office 2018
  • MOX Embracing 2018
  • One Fckup Night 2018
  • CAN this be WHY??
  • WHEN it Officially Started - March 8 2017

Company People

Taro Araya

Taro Araya

Wayne Kennedy

Wayne Kennedy

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